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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Minor improvement to the Model Editor with regard to the selection of default Views for a type or editor in v14.2.7

This is something I needed myself several times and what was also requested by several customers in the past. Hopefully, you will find this new capability helpful for your project as well.

In v14.2.7, you can select a View designed for the base business class from the combo box when editing the following properties in the Model Editor:


The list displayed in the compo box is sorted according to the inheritance hierarchy:

This improvement was added in v14.2.7 based on the requests from our users.

Importing administrative or shared model differences via the application UI is possible in v14.2.7

We continue empowering one of the most popular features among our users, which we backed into the standard framework delivery in the v14.2 major release - Persisting UI Settings in the Database.
At this time, I would like to announce the implementation of the ModelDifferenceDbStore - Make it possible to import shared model differences from the application UI request created based on the great feedback of our users:

The ModelDifferenceViewController now includes the ImportSharedModelDifferenceAction Action.

This Action loads shared model differences created in Visual Studio (the Model.xafml file) to the Shared Model Difference object.

Refer to the eXpressApp Framework > Concepts > Application Model > Model Difference Storages documentation to learn more on this cool stuff.