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Monday, March 26, 2018

Integrating UnitOfWork and XPObjectSpace descendants into an XAF app

We've made some code changes for v17.2.6+ as well as created two articles for advanced XAF developers who may need the subject for some low-level tuning:

Sub-classing is itself easy.  The most interesting part comes for the two popular security configurations: the Integrated  mode and the Middle-Tier Application Server. Thankfully, this is rarely required for complex or specific scenarios only.  Here are several customer tickets for your reference:

    How to map a property to a calculated database column (implement a read-only persistent property)
    xpo and sql server identity fields
    Using inherited UnitOfWork object
    XAF: Create CreateCustomObjectSpaceProvider with parameters from login window
    SecurityStrategyComplex: How to modify objects/properties in code when the user does not have the permission?

To learn more about low-level options to control how your application saves data and where, check out the How to customize the underlying database provider options and data access behavior in XAF.

Your feedback is needed!
Finally, I am just curious: if you search your entire solution in Visual Studio (Control+Shift+F) for any of the ": UnitOfWork", ": XPObjectSpace", ": XPObjectSpaceProvider" strings or their VB.NET equivalents (e.g., Inherits UnitOfWork), how many occurrences  would you have and for what? Please let me know in the comments! Eaton

Thursday, March 8, 2018

XAF WinForms v17.2.6 - Beware of missing icons in inactive tabs after restoring the Tabbed MDI layout

I want to draw your attention to the T611846: DocumentManager - TabbedView does not show images for documents issue already fixed in the XtraBars Suite and which XAF WinForms Tabbed MDI users might encounter after upgrading to v17.2.6. The number of users who already hit this exceeded a certain threshold, and the known issues section in the What's New documentation or manual searching the Support Center may not help effectively discover it yourself. So, I am posting this here to widely inform those who have not yet upgraded their XAF/WinForms projects to v17.2.6.

You can also download a hotfix build from here.

Please accept sincerely apologies from our XAF and XtraBars teams for all the inconvenience here.

Diagnostic tool for Security System - YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED!!!

Earlier we described the prototype of diagnostic tool. We created it to help a developer to understand why access to a certain object and its members is allowed or denied.  
We analyzed the feedback we got on this matter and provided the following improvements in v17.2.6:
 - To enable the security diagnostic tool, use the familiar EnableDiagnosticActions option.
 - You can select a type and a member you wish to analyze.
 - Results are presented in the XML format.
 - We provide more details on how the diagnostic tool calculates results.
 - There is a way to visualize criteria for easier analysis.

You can get more info about the tool from the KB article below:


Your feedback is needed
Please test the tool and let us know whether it is useful in your development process and how you would change it. For instance, the more specific there are use cases of this tool where it was difficult to configure permissions for a user, the greater it is possible that we can arrive at technical solutions that will address them.