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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Miscellaneous improvements to our Workflow module

Today's news is also about our Workflow module (be sure to check out this link to get started with this wonderful module).


- Refactored the workflow designer to reduce memory consumption;
- Added an option to do not reuse persisted workflows option (CanCompileForDesigner in IWorkflowDefinition);
- Added the StartWorkflowSuspended/Unsuspend feature (WorkflowHost);
- Added support for WF 4.5 features in the rehosted workflow designer (refer to

Workflow - Ensure compatibility with WF 4.5 features for the details).

We will detail these improvements in our documentation once 13.1 is out. Before that, we will probably create an example to demonstrate the second feature, which is quite important as it allows you to decrease memory usage by avoiding recompiling the dynamic assembly with persistent activities every time the workflow designer is opened. 

 I will keep you posted on this, as always.


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