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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beware of a rehosted Windows Workflow designer bug in .NET 4.5

After integrating the latest Windows Workflow Foundation features into our product we have found an issue with the rehosted designer:

Workflow - XmlException 'sads:DebugSymbol.Symbol' is a duplicate attribute name.' occurs when saving changes in WorkflowDesigner in .NET FW 4.5

It was actually caused by a bug in Microsoft code and was also reported in MSDN forums.
We have reported this bug to Microsoft:

I would ask every one who is facing the same issue to please upvote (see the green arrow at left) the aforementioned MS Connect item and feel free to post workaround solutions there, if any. Thanks for your cooperation in advance!

Starting with version 12.2.9  (or after installing this hot fix), the aforementioned problem should not occur with our product, because we have introduced a static DevExpress.ExpressApp.Workflow.Win.WorkflowDesignerControlBase.CanSetTargetFramework45 property (it's false by default) that disables the problematic features in the rehosted workflow designer.

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