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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The CollectionsEditMode option gets more flexible

Let me quote myself from the 

"Starting with the version 13.2, you will be able to control this behavior vis-a-vis the DetailView via the CollectionsEditMode property exposed in the Model Editor for Web projects:
<Views> <DetailView Id="Contact_DetailView" CollectionsEditMode="View"></DetailView> </Views>

The above setting in the XAFML file will enable the View mode only for the Contact DetailView, while the rest application will use the default mode or the one specified in code:
protected override void OnLoggedOn(LogonEventArgs args) { base.OnLoggedOn(args); ShowViewStrategy.CollectionsEditMode = ViewEditMode.Edit; }

Personally, I love when working on something big small things like this one get attention and are resolved. I hope you like this too:-)