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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wizards - XAFARI way

I wanted to inform you about another bright contribution from the XAF community - a new Wizards module developed by the international company Galaktika as part of their XAFARI business platform (learn more about these guys in my introductory post).

Here are some screenshots for you to better understand the functionality I am talking about:

Configuration in the Model Editor

 Result in the Web UI

Result in the WinForms UI

If you like the new and existing XAFARI features, do not hesitate to like their page on FaceBook: and send your feedback to Galaktika developers.

I also recommend subscribing to their blogs: because something tells me that this is not the last helpful XAF extension for your business.

1. I should remind that the English version of the XAFARI web site is still under construction (I believe the more users feedback this XAF extension gets, the sooner the site will be finished), but the built-in Google Chrome translation from Russian to English will help you understand most of the info - at least that works for me;-)

2. There is also a free Wizards module in the eXpand Framework -
So, you now have two good choices or at least two sources of inspiration for your custom implementation.


  1. Hello Dennis, I tried to use the wizard and I'm stuck after defining the template with ist steps. What to do then? When I click new for my desired object the normal detail view appears. Thanks

    1. Thanks, but I found out now! Installed the Demos and used ILSpy. ;-)

  2. @RonMcD: I am glad to hear of your progress. In the future, please consider using the feedback form ( if you have any questions about the XAFARI modules, because it is not a part of XAF. Thanks.

  3. Since XAFARI is commercial framework module, is there any alternative to create wizard in ASP .NET application using DevExpress XAF?
    The ExpandFramework's wizard feature is only available for windows form application.