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Monday, September 9, 2013

DevExpress.Xpo.v13.1.Extensions is now available for WCF Data Services 5.6

I forgot to inform you of the newly added support for WCF Data Services 5.6 in XPO, which you may be interested in (download a patch with this support included) if you are using our OData extensions that allow you to expose your XPO data model and work with it via OData protocol (check my previous blogs to learn more on this).

Microsoft is baking and selling new WCF Data Services versions like hot cookies lately, so we need to follow and provide separate versions of our OData extensions quite often for our customers:

The number of XPO extension assemblies will only increase in the future if we keep following the same strategy (releasing a separate extension for a certain WCF version).This forces us to think on how to better manage this situation in the future.

Having said this, what do you think about providing instructions for rebuilding the DevExpress.Xpo.v13.1.Extensions library against the required OData version? 

In fact, we started discussing the same thin in already, and our customer, Jose made a very valid point, IMHO:

"Let me ask you this: why don't you provide with each release just the DevExpress.Xpo.v13.1.Extensions compiled against the latest OData official version available at the time?
I mean, unless there is a major breaking change in the OData libs or a major version release, I don't see why people will want to keep using an older version or why can't update their projects to the latest available one. Just a thought..."

Your comments are also highly appreciated!


  1. Hi Dennis!
    This is the same with the EntityFramework release policy.
    If you provide instructions to build the assemblies, you also should consider to provide the unittest/test source, so we as developers have a safety net.
    Or DevExpress should build the extentions and provide an easier way to upgrade for this kind of Extentions (NuGut *smile*). This is also easier to find the assemblies, considered to digging through the SupportCenter

    Greetings Manuel.

    Ps.: Only a idea :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Manuel!