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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DevExpress XAF Training classes in USA and Germany (May - June)

I'd like to repost some  good news for people who want to become an XAF expert (or a machine that can produce complex Office-like LOB apps in hours) in a week:

May: XAF class in Los Angeles
Only the second time we're bringing an XAF class to the US, this time it'll take place in the DevExpress offices in Los Angeles. An entire week of content, covering a large part of the functionality provided by our XAF application framework. Click this link to see all the details and the class syllabus, and to sign up:
XAF Training Event USA May 2014

June: XAF class in Bad Ems, Germany
A whole week of XAF for Europe based customers, in our much appreciated location in Bad Ems, Germany. An international audience gathers here for this English language class. Here are all the details for this event, the class syllabus and the sign-up form:
XAF Training Event Europe June 2014 - learn more on how XAF can help your business to build good-looking and powerful apps for both Windows and the Web in minutes:

Of course, there will be other training events (March-April) for our WinForms and ASP.NET products, which you may be interested in (learn more).

1. If you cannot wait, take a look at the list of 3-rd party XAF consultants here or consider contacting our Support Team for assistance at
2. If you are doing XAF training, consulting or providing custom programming services, drop me a message at Dennis Stop Spam DevExpress.Com so I can add you into the list above. Thanks.

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