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Monday, May 19, 2014

RE: ASP.NET: GridView Context Menu (What's new in 14.1)

I just wanted to draw your attention to my comment in our recent blog post, in case you missed it:

The described functionality was integrated in XAF in 14.1 when implementing this feature request:
ASPxGridListEditor - Make it possible to use grid control's context menus (check it for more screenshots)

It is also worth mentioning that the ASPxGridListEditor got the native ASPxGridView's pager as well:
While these are truly service features, they are not less important, because ASPxGridListEditor now contains less custom code and uses more built-in control options, which means less support and maintenance and more time to implement new features in XAF. The features like the ones I highlighted are the result of a continuous and long-term strategy and collaboration with our ASP.NET and WinForms controls teams, which improve the underlying controls (based on the feedback received from our team and our customers as well) and will allow us to remove custom solutions and workarounds implemented earlier in XAF, when the control did not provide such features out-of-the-box.

BTW, in the upcoming v14.1 we experimented with enabling another ASPxGridView's native feature, which should increase performance, but...I will talk more about it in our official team blog later. Please stay tuned!


  1. Hi Dennis,

    thanks for the update. Can you please check the link "ASPxGridListEditor - Make it possible to use grid control's context menus"? It seems to be unavailable.

    Best regards from Austria,


  2. Hi Gerhard, thanks - I have updated it (it was private by a mistake).

  3. Hi Dennis,

    I update my dev express to 14.1 and when i create new business object and run the web applaction, there is no readio box for the multi selection in list view by default,

    How can i get that. i need the multi selection to do some task.

  4. @Hasan: I suggest you check the value of the IModelListViewWeb.ShowSelectionColumn option (
    If this is true, then make sure your ListView has a key column and this column contains unique values. If this does not help, please create a ticket in the Support Center ( and attach your test project there.

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