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Monday, August 24, 2015

How to place an Action in a different location programmatically

I think that many people know that they can control this visually by drag&drop under the ActionDesign | ActionToContainerMapping node in the Model Editor, but just a few know of the best code solution. A good scenario when it is necessary to handle this requirement in code is described by our customer in this Support Center ticket (more real user scenarios can be found here).

After receiving enough requests for this, we decided to put a full example solution in our docs. It is based on handling a single CustomizeContainerActions event of the built-in ActionControlsSiteController (or FillActionContainersController class, if your form template does not support the IActionControlsSite  interface).

Do not miss this new online documentation and hopefully, it will help you spend less effort on accomplishing your advanced business requirements in our framework.

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