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Monday, December 14, 2015

DashboardView - Allowing end-users to delete created dashboards via the application UI

In v15.2.4 we have added the DeleteDashboardsController which provides the DeleteDashboard Action. This Action is located in the Tools category and invokes a popup dialog with a list of all dashboard views defined in the user's model differences.

In this popup you can select one or more dashboards and click Delete to remove them. The DeleteDashboardsController.CanDeleteParentGroup property specifies whether or not the dashboard's parent group is deleted when you remove the last dashboard in this group. 

The DeleteDashboard Action is active when there are dashboards that can be deleted and the EnableCreation property of the Options | Dashboards node is set to true in the Application Model.

Previously, it was only possible to manage these user-defined dashboards via the Model Editor or in code. So, I hope you will now be able to enable this feature for your clients without the fear of being overloaded with support calls about removing unwanted stuff.

You can find more information on this XAF feature in the online docs here:

Beware of the small issue (ArgumentException) related the use of this feature in certain scenarios (already fixed for v15.2.5).

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