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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to change font settings for all or individual UI elements (toolbar and context menus, property editors, etc.) per View or globally

I want to inform you of my recent updates to the corresponding Support Center article as I think it may be interesting for the XAF community.

Take special note that the current dynamic solution for WinForms may be greatly simplified in future versions (no additional BarAndDockingController customizations in the Window.TemplateChanged  event handler), because I discussed this with the leaders of our WinForms team.


  1. has a error happen, after I create new object from lookup, new object is not set value to lookup ?
    Please watch my video :
    Tks Dennis !

    1. Would you please submit a ticket using the service and attach your test project and eXpressAppFramework.log file to allow us to research this further?