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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What is New in Help in XAF v16.1

As you probably know, in addition to the new great features the version 16.1 introduced, there are also various improvements to the learning materials that will allow you get the most of DevExpress products and become a better developer. The XAF documentation changes we are the most interested in are listed below. I highlighted the topics I personally like or value the most in yellow. 

The good news is that there are even more documentation updates currently in the works, and hopefully, I will be able to announce them to you soon. To give you a hint, improved window resizing mechanism for both Windows and the Web, improved concepts for showing Views, registering property editors are among the things you will be able to learn more about in the future.

Concepts and task-based help


As you can see, there are both totally new articles and updates to the existing ones. Hopefully, even people familiar with the framework will find something helpful here. As always, the full list of What's New In Help for all products is waiting you here and here.

General upgrade tips

Please do not miss the Breaking Changes in 16.1.4 .NET Product Line document and XAF-related changes in particular. This information will help you upgrade your project to the new major version faster. See the General Information > Installation > Upgrade Notes documentation article for step-by-step upgrade instructions. You can find more upgrade tips in the end of my related blog post.


  1. Hello Dennis, Many thanks for the info,
    is it not practical to associate entire content or paragraph inside content with version number & type like so
    <16.1.5,New> or <16.1.5,Edit> before it begins and leave that attribute inside help as long as its not changed, then we can easily search entire XAF help for ex on what's new or what's changed with current version or previous versions

    Thank you

    1. Hello Bassam,
      I am afraid I do not fully understand your current problem with searching our docs with their current structure...I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me at dennis no spam at devexpress dot com additional explanation with screenshots showing your current search method, problems with it and the new suggested method. Thanks in advance!