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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Addition to the VisibleInXXX attributes family for controlling available types and fields in the application UI

With v16.2.6 and v17.1.3DevExpress.Persistent.Base > VisibleInReportsAttribute  can be applied to a business class property as well. When the VisibleInReports attribute is applied to a business class property, it specifies whether or not the target property is visible in the Report Designer field list.

BTW, with the introduction of the Dashboards ModuleVisibleInDashboardsAttribute was added as well. I hope you did not miss it as well.


  1. Is DX aware that is returning an error page Dennis ? I'm sure I asked for this functionality many years ago, and was going to check. Nice to see its addition.

    1. Sure, Chris. From our hosting provider: "We are aware of this issue and our network engineers are working on it."

      I am happy to hear that you liked this one.