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Monday, November 6, 2017

ASPxGridListEditor - How to customize the column chooser of the Web ListView's grid control

I wanted to promote the article that shows how to  increase the ASPxGridView's customization window size, because last week there were two requests for this + I searched around a dozen tickets in both XAF and ASPxGridView knowledge bases on the same subject. 

Previously, it was possible for developers to hard code the required width and height for this window.
Around v17.1, the ASPxGridView team created the AllowResize option (based on feedback from XAF users mostly) so that end-users could resize this dialog as they wish at runtime.

Currently, the AllowResize option is set to False by default, because the ASPxGridView team is afraid of breaking existing customer projects.

EDIT: The ASPxGridView has implemented AllowResize = True in v17.2 RTM by default.

I am looking forward to hearing from you on whether you or your end-users ever had problems with this so that our both teams can take this into account regarding future product updates. Thanks.


  1. Hi Dennis,
    The users will appreciate to be able to resize this dialog, especially its height.
    Some grids have many dozens of columns to chose from.