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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to use the ASPxSpreadsheet control as a property editor in an XAF ASP.NET WebForms application

If you want to display a business object that has a byte array property as an Excel document allowing users to modify the content and save it to the database, ASPxSpreadsheet is an appropriate component for this task. Our new example shows how to implement an XAF Web Property Editor based on this control:

If this is something you have already implemented or planned, we would greatly appreciate it if you describe your use-case scenarios or exactly how and for what your end-users are supposed to use spreadsheet control in your app. If possible, attach screenshots, test samples and database to clarify expected results and user steps within the application UI as well as already implemented solutions for this task. With that, we will be able to better understand your requirements and provide more specific solutions or consider improvements to our products for the future. Thanks in advance. Young