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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Minor improvements to the ConditionalAppearance and ViewVariants modules - XAF v17.2.6

I also wanted to inform you of some "home work" done by us in v17.2.6 to improve your XAF development experience with these modules:

GridListEditor - An appearance rule has no effect in the new item row until a value is entered into any cell
View Variants Module - ListView variant always takes the DataAccessMode value from the root node instead of own model differences, which may cause an exception due to an incompatible ListEditor type

While the first scenario is quite specific (we heard about it from our largest XAF customer and a few others), the second one was likely encountered if you use the ViewVariants module. For instance, when having one variant as a grid operating in server mode while having another variant as tree, pivot, scheduler or whatever ListView editor that does not support server mode. In the past, this unsupported configuration could cause an exception at runtime. Starting with v17.2.6, it all works as the majority our users expect - at least we believe so based on the feedback we received. The online documentation on the ViewVariants module will be updated accordingly by release time, of course. Finally, many thanks to Dave Hesketh, Martin Praxmarer, our MVPs, as well as other customers for bringing this to our attention.

If you cannot wait for the next maintenance update (v17.2.6) to test both things, install this night buildDevExpressNETComponents-17.2.exe

As always, my team and I are looking forward to hearing what you think, even on such small things and maybe others that could make your life a bit easier.