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Thursday, May 31, 2018

WinForms - How to manage long text in DocumentManager tabs

Please check out the Problem and Solutions sections in the T629226: WinForms - Long text is cut off in DocumentManager tabs ticket.

We are going to improve this in the upcoming v18.1+. Our designer's favorite is #2, but we cannot implement it in a minor version due to a breaking change. BTW, option #1 shown in the screenshot below also looks fine. Take note of solution #3 as well - you can customize this behavior without writing any code.

Please let me know what option you prefer or if you are handling it differently. Thanks.

BTW, have you modernized your XAF WinForms apps using SVG icons and Light Style in v18.1? Click the screenshot below to see the new look & feel. Do you like it?


  1. Honestly I do not consider this a problem at all. The current text cropping + full tab name in tooltip behavior is the same as the leading browsers out there. I would leave it just as it is.

    Solution #1 Removes even more visible characters
    Solution #2 Perhaps a tab is not the right UI control if you need this much information


  2. A modern forum (ala Discourse) to discuss/vote/be notified on such ideas/issues would be much welcome.


    1. I like uservoice (for example

  3. I like the text trimming in solution 1. If you decide to increase the maximum size of a tab in solution 2, I wouldn't go more than an additional 25%. Otherwise the tab will become a real estate hog.

  4. @Alex: The ... part will be compensated using the MaxTabWidth property, of course.
    Yeah, I remember your forum idea:-)

    @Dave: Thanks for your feedback too!

  5. i think it is worth to mention that this mostly happens now with the SVG Skins? while my tabs fit fine with any "normal" skin they are now cut off with an svg skin...