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Friday, June 1, 2018

Concurrent Record Updates Merging in XPO-based XAF ASP.NET apps (v18.1)

From the Optimistic Concurrency Control help topic:
"In multi-user data-aware applications, there are times when one user edits a record while another user is editing the same record. As long as the changes being made do not affect the same field (e.g., one user modifies the task description while another user attaches a file), XAF applications can resolve the situation, and merge simultaneous changes made by different users. To enable field-level locking, set the XpoDefault.TrackPropertiesModifications static property to true."

Previously, this feature was available only for WinForms apps. With v18.1, ASP.NET WebForms XAF applications can handle concurrent record updates by merging simultaneous changes (by two or more different users) as well:

Here is also a video from our MainDemo.Web app (run from the Demo Center):

Notice that two different users can edit different properties (e.g., NickName and SpouseName) and then merge  these non-conflicting changes.

Have you already enabled this feature in your XAF Web apps? Please let us know how this works for you.

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