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Monday, January 16, 2017

New and updated XAF videos

I am glad to announce that the XAF team have published several new videos in DevExpress channel. These videos demonstrate the most attractive features from the What's New in XAF v16.2 list.

XAF Mobile Platform (CTP)

With this video, you can learn how to add a mobile client for your XAF application. This is the updated version of the previously published video. It demonstrates the following mobile enhancements introduced in 16.2

  1. New UI layouts optimized for desktop and tablet devices.
  2. Improved look and feel.
  3. Application Simulator no longer requires an internet connection.
  4. 'Active' and 'Enabled' action states are now context-dependent.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Follow-up on the EnableMultipleBrowserTabsSupport option - YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED!!!

This is actually a follow-up for my previous announcement: 

Since there are no built-in options in XAF Web UI for duplicating or showing certain views in separate browser tabs so far and people keep asking about further improvements in this regard, I wanted to do two things:

1. Share a simple custom solution I implemented for a user in this SC thread

This is just one code line called from the SimpleAction's Execute event handler, which may already cover a bunch of requests. What do you think of it?

2. Clarify how you and your end-users exactly prefer to open Views in separate browser tabs in each of the scenarios you are interested in

Besides what the option was primarily introduced for (being able to open an application link from an email without distracting the previous work), so far our team is aware of other use cases like opening a new tab from the navigation item, from the clicked grid row, from a dedicated XAF Acton, from the native browser context menu or by clicking a hyper link with the Control key hold or even with the middle mouse wheel! These scenarios are all different and require different solutions.

So, it would be great to know exactly what you are most interested in and how you want to do this in the application UI (the more specific your answers will be, the better for us both). With that, our team will be in a better position to understand and prioritize this feature development.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A WinForms example for collapsing/expanding layout groups and persisting their state

As you probably know, the New Web UI was recently enhanced with built-in options for this scenario. Today, I have updated the thread with a WinForms solution:

Please don't hesitate to write to us about each use case scenario that requires additional code to adjust the layout controls to better meet your business needs. My team and I will be more than happy to research them and see how to manage this situation better at the XAF or DevExpress component level. For instance, here we are thinking about providing platform-agnostic Application Model extensions for managing this task for Windows and the Web.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A custom XAF PropertyEditor example based on the WinForms TimeSpanEdit component

As you know, XAF is very flexible and provides many ways of integrating custom controls for various scenarios; e.g., where something is not covered by the default controls pack: Concepts > UI Construction > Using a Custom Control that is not Integrated by Default

As far as our framework development flow is concerned, it is absolutely natural to perform this sort of customizations, and this extensibility was baked in from the very beginning for XAF users. For instance, there is a built-in WinForms TimeSpanPropertyEditor class for representing and editing System.TimeSpan type properties in the standard delivery:

        public TimeSpan TimeSpanProperty {
            get { return GetPropertyValue<TimeSpan>("TimeSpanProperty"); }
            set { SetPropertyValue<TimeSpan>("TimeSpanProperty", value); }

Technically, our TimeSpanPropertyEditor just wraps a TextEdit descendant from the XtraEditors Library and provides a custom mask for it. One may want to use another visual control for the same task (e.g., the TimeSpanEdit control from the same XtraEdititors library) and that is quite easy to implement in XAF. You can implement a custom PropertyEditor as per  Concepts > UI Construction > View Items > Implement Custom Property Editors

Monday, December 19, 2016

What is New in Help in XAF v16.2

As you probably know, in addition to the new great features the version 16.2 introduced, there are also various improvements to the learning materials that will allow you get the most of DevExpress products and become a better developer. The XAF documentation changes are listed below. I highlighted the topics I personally like or value the most in yellow. I would also greatly appreciate it, if you tell me about your favorite topics in comments!

The good news is that there are even more documentation updates currently in the works, and hopefully, I will be able to announce them to you soon.