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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DevExpress XAF Training class in Germany (October 7-11)

I'd like to repost this good news for people who want to become an XAF expert in a few days, literally.

"The next class is a European event: October 7-11 for XAF, in a new location in Germany. I will teach this myself, and the class will be in English language as usual - important to stress in Europe!

 XAF Training Event (Europe)
This class covers the eXpressApp Framework as completely as possible in the timeframe. The target is to enable you to create your own XAF based applications, and to answer any questions you have. XAF is a large product that includes many modules and targets two different platforms - the one-week timeframe of the course is the only limit on the depth of coverage!" - learn more on how XAF can help your business to build good-looking and powerful apps for both Windows and the Web in minutes:

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