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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What are the MOST used extra modules in your XAF solutions?

We are currently in the process of the 13.2 release planning, and I would love to get a more direct input you.
We'll use this information to better prioritize requests in our features backlog, in addition to the figures and stats we already have.
So, I highly appreciate your taking time to submit your feedback.

This first survey poll we will be fully devoted to the built-in extra modules.

QUESTION: What are the MOST used extra modules in your XAF solutions?


I would ask you to focus on the ones you use MOST of the time, e.g., from project to project, and not occasionally.  You can find the list of XAF extra modules here, just in case you forgot their names:-)

Hopefully, many of you have Facebook accounts nowadays. I think that it is worth to continue this experiment if there will be a lot of different participants. I'll also keep in mind to test-drive our LinkedIn developers group (which is quite active recently) or other means, if the FB does not work well.

Do not forget to like our official XAF/XPO page (it's quite new), if you happen to be on FaceBook and like our framework and its services:-)
From this page you can regularly receive latest news about our frameworks and also participate in various surveys and discussions with other XAF developers.

See another poll from the eXpand Framework team:

Poll - Which of the following eXpand modules/features do you use most?

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