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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A custom PropertyEditor for syntax highlighting

Today I saw a similar request from a customer, so I wanted to take this moment to remind the community about a custom PropertyEditor that resides in our Feature Center demo (there you can find technical how-to examples for countless scenarios):

Technically, this CSCodePropertyEditor is a descendant of the built-in WinPropertyEditor class, which uses our RichEditControl and its services to nicely display a text saved within a System.String property of a persistent class. I hope this small customization example will once again help you see that you can implement any custom UI in your XAF app. Want to learn more on this, check out the eXpressApp Framework > Concepts > UI Construction and related help articles or contact support. Thanks!


  1. Thanks Dennis this is a really useful editor for the WorldCreator module

  2. I don't understand where to look in the screen shot. Also, could you show a shot with the property in action?

  3. @Tolis: I am glad to hear that it can be helpful for eXpand!
    @Willem: Well, it is right in the center of the screenshot. See at the tab named "C# code", which contains a RichEditControl that highlights some code...