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Friday, October 4, 2013

Update to a custom lookup editor for working with referenced properties via a simple drop down list

I have just updated one of my Code Examples that shows how to work with referenced properties via a simple drop down list instead of the standard LookupPropertyEditor. Technically, I built a custom WinForms Property Editor that is based on the LookUpEdit control from our XtraEditors library. This is what it looks like:

Today in addition to some minor refactorings and bug fixes, I added a button that enables you to open the associated record directly from the editor + localizable tooltips for other editor buttons.

BTW, I think that a similar feature would be helpful for the built-in LookupPropertyEditor, since it is more visible to end-users than a magic Control+Shift+mouse click shortcut. Plus, a similar feature already exists in the Web version.

Feel free to download this update, report bugs (if any) and let me know your other thoughts on this.


  1. They allow you to create and clear the associated record. Thanks!

  2. hello i'm very newbie in devexpress , how do i invisible New and Clear button in looup editor ,please help me :D thanks

  3. Welcome, Chanupol!

    It is possible to do this as described in the article.
    Please use the online support center ( if you experience any other questions on DevExpress products.