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Friday, December 26, 2014

A sporadic Visual Studio issue with the incorrect Action constructor after modifying Controller (Finally bypassed in 14.2.4!)

Have you ever seen a situation when your Actions defined in the Controller designer worked well, but one day they disappeared from the application UI and were no event present in the Application Model? Unfortunately, we sometimes did, and so did our customers under certain circumstances. The difficulty of this situation is that this annoying behavior in the IDE was truly random and sporadic, as it all might work on the same machine and then fail without any reason under the same circumstances, with no environment changes. This behavior could be reproducible with both new and existing Controllers and Actions. Our Controller/Action/designers code was fine and the same issue could be reproducible even with the standard Component Designer and standard MS components, so it was eventually reported to MS Connect:

This problem was not massive, to be honest, but the reports the report count reached a reasonable threshold within several years... 

Since we still continue to receive reports from our customers on this behavior from time to time, which negatively affects their experience with our product, we decided to introduce a special "hack" on our side, which helps avoid this behavior. This fix successfully worked in our tests with the problematic virtual machines where we happened to semi-stably isolate this strange behavior. This improvement is available starting with version 14.2.4 and I recommend you upgrade to this version if you experienced this behavior in the past.

Hopefully, you will never experience this again, and Happy XAFing/holidays!


  1. Not yet, but you can download a hot fix from