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Thursday, December 25, 2014

XAF 14.2 webinar recording and other interesting videos

I am late with this announcement, but still want to share a link to the webinar we made in early December where Seth demonstrated certain XAF 14.2 features live and talked about XAF application development in general: 

As always, there was also a Q/A session during the presentation: certain questions were voiced live and others were answered by our XAF team in chat. Frankly speaking, we had hundreds of questions about the new functionalities so our keyboards got hot quickly. We could not even handle all the questions so I am thinking about running another pure QA session around January/February. There we could present the most frequently asked questions and general information about the new bits and maybe present some new developments. Honestly, our team really enjoys such live sessions where we had a chance to talk to each other, ask questions and answer yours. Please let me know what you think of this idea in comments.

You know, Seth Juarez, our Analytics Program Manager at DevExpress, is a presenter from God, so if you are new to XAF or not yet getting the ideas behind it well, I recommend you watch another presentation made by Seth: A Gentle Introduction to XAF.

During the webinar, there was also a survey with a few questions for the auditory. Here are poll results (based on the 154 attendees) for your reference: 

Integration of custom controls into XAF?
43% Zero
33% 1-4
16% 5-9
9% 10+

Platforms to be targeted in the next 12-24 months?
36% Windows desktop
41% Web browser
21% Mobile
3% Other

Number of XAF projects being developed/supported?
38% 1
48% 2-5
7% 6-9
7% 10+

Primary concern when starting with XAF?
16% Difficulties with integrating controls
13% Difficulties in customizing the default UI
29% Learning curve
18% Performance
24% Not using it yet

How do you feel about the new 14.2 features and updates?
49% Very satisfied
37% Somewhat satisfied
14% I expected more

I wanted to call those guys from the last category and say that we hear your feedback and hope to better suit your needs in the new 2015 year, which I believe will be exciting for all of us. The new Web UI, improved security system, better DX controls and EF integration, easier to follow documentation are just a few subjects from our TO-DO list we would like to continue to work on in the future.

A final note on XAF 14.2, since I started to talk about videos. Our tech writers prepared short videos for each new feature so you can quickly get it. Here is a list in one place if you missed it on for some reason: