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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Check out an example demonstrating a possible way of integrating Snap reports in an XAF WinForms application

The example integration shows how to store DevExpress Snap reports layout in business objects and show a list of these objects, as this is done in the built-in Reports module. The main tool for working with these reports is a custom Snap designer form. Underlying business objects can be configured using custom buttons from this form. It is also possible to show a read-only preview form using corresponding actions.

You can download the actual test project and research the example implementation from here: 

1. This example demonstrates just one possible way of integrating Snap reports in an XAF WinForms application. If your clients require other scenarios of integrating the Snap reports, please describe these user stories in the example or in the Create a Snap Report Module for XAF ticket. Thank you in advance!
2. The Snap module from this example is not a part of the standard XAF delivery and is not tested as intensively as our built-in modules. Feel free to modify and test it further according to your business requirements.
3. There may be other suitable ways of integrating custom controls in XAF depending on your business scenarios.  To learn more about this, refer to the Using a Custom Control that is not Integrated by Default documentation article.

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