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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Starting with v15.1, XAF Web pages will be rendered using the HTML5 document type mode by default

We primarily needed this for better operation of the ASP.NET end-user report designer we integrated in XAF v14.2 + some other great stuff we are currently working on for the next major release.
Technically, this means that XAF *.ASPX pages will have <!DOCTYPE html> at the top and there will also be the doctypeMode setting in the web.config file:

  <settings rightToLeft="false" doctypeMode="Html5" ieCompatibilityVersion="edge" />
<compression enableHtmlCompression="true" enableCallbackCompression="true" enableResourceCompression="true" enableResourceMerging="true" />
<themes enableThemesAssembly="true" />

You can learn more on this setting in the documentation for our ASP.NET controls.
Take special note that this rendering mode slightly changes alignment of images within table cells as per,_Tables,_and_Mysterious_Gaps
With this mode, our ASP.NET controls also globally adjusts tables and their cells as per this styles definition:

 /* Html5 styles */
 table { border-width: 0; border-collapse: collapse; border-spacing: 0; }
 td, th { padding: 0; }
 .dx-p1 { padding: 1px; }
 .dx-p2 { padding: 2px; }
 .dx-p3 { padding: 3px; }

In general, this post is just for informational purposes only as there is nothing to worry about for you - everything will "just work" as before, but a bit better:-)


  1. Nice one Dennis, eagerly waiting for 15.1

  2. Does this mean that 15.1 has the NEW Responsive Web UI (HTML5) for XAF?
    Go here and vote for this to be done. =)