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Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to: Hide the 'Protected Content' Columns in List Views and Property Editors in Detail Views

I wanted to share a link to the new documentation article describing how to completely remove 'protected content' editors from the layout:

This approach is not new and is based on the ConditionalAppearance module, which is already used for similar tasks. So, you can use it in both v15.1 and earlier versions. Let me know in comments if this something you would like to implement in your app (we had more than a dozen similar requests from our customers in this regard).


  1. How about hiding 'Protected Content' rows for the Entity Model? I see there is documentation for XPO but not Entity.

    1. @Dan: This is currently unsupported for EF, I am afraid. This capability can be added in the future with the EF7 support, though I cannot promise any time frame at this time.