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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Question on the defaults when showing a DetailView from an external hyperlink in an XAF Web app - YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED

If you use a solution from my recent Redirecting from an external hyperlink to a View in an XAF Web app with the ASP.NET Forms Authentication post, then you might notice that a DetailView is always being opened in readonly mode, even if the URL string might contain the mode=edit parameter in the end:

This does not look logical to be honest, but this was and is the default behavior of XAF Web for more than 9 years already and it seems that nobody had problems with this minor inconsistency...

Until a few days ago...We had the first customer using this functionality and whose clients find it important for their business. So, I filled a ticket T259102 - Web - DetailView.ViewEditMode is not synchronized with the ViewShortcut's 'mode=edit' parameter in the XafApplication.ProcessShortcut method, which results in the read-only DetailView to be always opened from its URL, where we provided a possible solution for future XAF versions starting with v14.2.9 and v15.1.4.

Originally, we wanted to make this fix by default in the minor version, but decided to wait a bit, because a dozen of our functional tests, preserving the former behavior, failed. At first glance, it was nothing serious and the tests scripts can just be updated to reflect the new defaults, but we wanted to double-check with you guys whether changing these defaults ever matter to you and will not break anything. Hence, here is the poll for all concerned parties:

Poll question: How do you want this situation to be handled?

Choose an answer:
A1: Process 'mode=edit' by default starting from the next minor version. It's a logical fix, no breaking change is ever required.
A2: Don't change this in a minor version as it is breaking for me, I can use the proposed solution until the next major is out.
A3: Leave everything "as is" as I have no problems implementing the proposed solution in my project when needed.

We will consider changing the default behavior in a future version once we receive more feedback from our users on this. BTW, sincerely, I vote for #1.