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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kart racing with the XAF team

Hopefully, you will not be disappointed by not receiving the usual technical blog and instead will not mind learning a bit more about our team and how we are doing (we are all people after all). I am putting this caution as I want to share a few photos from today's event we enjoyed with the majority of our team (several guys were absent due to vacations and sick leaves) at the nearest kart park:

Although there were a few incidents, the minimum number of machines were damaged, nobody was seriously hurt. Moreover, even after the second part of the party with shashliking and drinking I can confirm that the majority of the team is still able to think clearly and code quite productively :-)


  1. Cool pictures, awesome people! Nice to hear you are enjoying life between coding sprints :) Cheers, folks!

    1. Great to hear from you, Nick! We hope you are doing well. Warm wishes from the whole Tula office!

  2. And who is the first raicer? ;)

  3. The bearded guy with a black cap and helmet in his hands:-)