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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Usability improvements to the Localization Tool in the Model Editor (v15.1.6)

Take special note of a small improvement we have added into the next minor update (15.1.6) based on the real customer story, which we greatly appreciate. So, if you are developing multilingual apps and have to localize them using the Localization Tool, check out the 
T266560: Localization Tool - Usability improvements thread in the Support Center for details. In short:

We have extended the Export command with a new item allowing you to export all the records. This is now the default choice, in addition to the other option of exporting the currently selected record only. 

We also provided a separate Save button in this dialog to make saving translated items more atomic.

Do not hesitate to address such things to our team, because this will make your everyday work easier. Adding a keyboard shortcut, changing the default item choice and other minor things are often not difficult to implement (e.g., this one took about 2 hours with tests), but they will greatly improve your overall experience with the product, which is also true for other XAF peers.

Happy XAFing and thanks for all your feedback!

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