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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Collapsible layout groups in the new XAF Web UI

Starting with v15.2, the new XAF web UI provides a built-in solution for this task. Please see a screenshot from our XCRM demo:

You can enable this feature for required layout groups in the Model Editor via the new IsCollapsibleCardGroup option at the Views | <DetailView> | Layout | level:

Note that at the moment collapsed groups state is not currently stored/restored between sessions.  If you want to learn more on accomplishing this task in WinForms apps or wish to implement a fully custom-tailored ASP.NET solution, check out the How do I provide the capability to collapse or expand layout groups and persist their state? thread in the Support Center for additional information.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you on this small feature in comments!


  1. Is this available in Windows Forms application?

    1. Here:

    2. @Genesis: Yes, a similar functionality can be implemented using instructions from the last paragraph.

    3. Thanks, Eril and Dennis!


  2. Thanks Dennis,
    Is this available in 15.2.4 version?