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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

UPDATE for v15.2.6+ on "Simplifying the structure of the ChangeState Action"

This is just a follow-up on my previous StateMachine - Simplifying the structure of the ChangeState Action - YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED post. We greatly appreciate the feedback you shared with us in this survey post as well as in the Support Center. We have implemented the most expected behavior by default in v16.1 and also made it possible to easily switch it in the current v15.2.6+.

More info is available in this link:

I had a short vacation in Poland (Zakopane) and Belarus (Minsk), so this blog was quiet recently. I promise to keep you busy in the coming weeks, because there are a lot of items in my Drafts folder to show you what is new in the lab. Please stay tuned!
BTW, these places as well as their people are quite nice, so I recommend visiting them if you are anywhere close. I drove to Zakopane primarily for skiing (slopes are good for not very experienced folks like us), thermal swimming pools (loved open pools with hot water and mountain views) and traditional Polish food (e.g., golonka, hot beers with spices and tincture, though my lady cooks borscht much better). Moreover, for me, their language is very similar to Russian, so we could easily understand almost everything without falling into English. BTW, our old XAF customers from Galaktika Corp, the developers of the XAFARI platform, have headquarters in Minsk, so it is technically possible to meet them in person there:-)


  1. Hello Dennis,

    I am glad you like it in Poland! Food is delicious and in fact I found it quite similar to cuisine in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
    Despite current tense polital atmosphere we in Poland truly like Russian people, understand each other well and have good time with. My former coworker come from Penza, Russia.

    Our company have offices in Lublin and Rzeszow and next time you visit Poland please give me a chance to meet you in person, hang out & discuss some XAF topics in person rather than via Support Center :)

    1. @Pawel: Thanks for your comments! Yes, me too and I think other ordinary folks here and there like to continue intercommunicating as well regardless any politics.

      Thanks for your invitation as well, because I also hope it is not my last trip in Zakopane. Moreover, we crossed the both cities while driving to our final destination:-)

  2. :)

    I really like the idea of meeting you, Dennis in person when you will be driving around. I live in Kielce (200 km away from Lublin) but I would be really happy to come to Lublin and shake hands :)

    How about arranging some Polish XAFfers in Lublin?

    Krzysztof Krzyzsłof

    1. @Krzysztof: Yes, I like meeting our customers and talking with them live too. When I am around, I'll share my plans so we can arrange a meeting.
      As for Polish XAFers, I am afraid we do not have a dedicated representative in Poland at the moment. I think this idea is best to discussed in our LinkedIn/FB groups to see who wants to come first. It is also possible to organize a virtual meeting or dedicated place, though. For instance, Russian XAF customers self-organized themselves at!topic/russian-devexpress-xaf