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Monday, January 16, 2017

New and updated XAF videos

I am glad to announce that the XAF team have published several new videos in DevExpress channel. These videos demonstrate the most attractive features from the What's New in XAF v16.2 list.

XAF Mobile Platform (CTP)

With this video, you can learn how to add a mobile client for your XAF application. This is the updated version of the previously published video. It demonstrates the following mobile enhancements introduced in 16.2

  1. New UI layouts optimized for desktop and tablet devices.
  2. Improved look and feel.
  3. Application Simulator no longer requires an internet connection.
  4. 'Active' and 'Enabled' action states are now context-dependent.

XAF Dashboards Module

Walk through some of the features found in our new Dashboards Module. The module allows you to add DevExpress Dashboard controls to your XAF application.

Security Permissions for Navigation Items and Groups

Learn how to control user access to navigation items using the new Permissions tab added to the Role Detail View.

Feel free to share your feedback here, or in YouTube comments.

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