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Friday, January 20, 2017

XAF WinForms v16.2.3 - Beware of exceptions when executing a ParametrizedAction (e.g. FullTextSearchAction) with TabbedMDI and Ribbon UI

I want to draw your attention to the T462973 - RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown in the RibbonItemViewInfoCalculator.CalcEditItemViewInfo method issue already fixed in the XtraBars Suite for v16.2.3 and which XAF WinForms users might encounter after upgrading to v16.2.3. The number of users who already hit this exceeded a certain threshold, and the known issues section in the What's New documentation or manual searching the Support Center may not help effectively discover it yourself. Frankly speaking, we are a bit late with this warning, but it is still better to post this here to widely inform those who have not yet upgraded their XAF/WinForms projects to v16.2.3.

You can find more details and solution instructions in this article.

Please accept sincerely apologies from our XAF and XtraBars teams for all the inconvenience here.

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