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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Opening a navigation item in a separate web browser tab (shipping in v16.2.5)

This is another follow-up on the EnableMultipleBrowserTabsSupport feature after receiving great user feedback in this blog and via other channels (see my previous post in this regard for more details).

With the recently released XAF v16.2.5, you can open a View in a separate browser tab directly from navigation. To enable this mode, set the static NavigationActionContainer.UseLinks static property in the YourSolutionName.Web/Global.asax.xx file:

        protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e) {
            WebApplication.EnableMultipleBrowserTabsSupport = true;
            DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.Templates.ActionContainers.NavigationActionContainer.UseLinks = true;

When this mode is enabled, an Anchor element is added into nodes of the ASPxTreeView control and into items of the ASPxNavBar control. 
This feature allows you to use generic browser techniques to work with links such as a right mouse button click for context a menu, a Control key press or a mouse wheel click (currently, the approach described in the article will not work for Macs).

In v16.2.5, we have also fixed ViewStateException related to the Chrome's Duplicate command:

There is, however, a known issue with the new UseLinks feature in combination with the following settings:
IModelNavigationItemsForReports.GenerateRelatedReportsGroup = True 

Your feedback is needed, as always!
We welcome you to test the new v16.2.5 build and are looking forward to another round of feedback from you on this handy feature that can make lives of your clients a bit easier.


  1. Hi Dennis,
    An hyperlink to a DX hosted XAF app would help us give you instant feedback on these new features ;)

    1. @Alex: We already tested this in our demos and other internal apps, so we mainly hoped to receive feedback after your tests with your own apps and use-case scenarios. Thanks in advance!

    2. I meant *instant feedback* like real tests with my tablet while eating breakfast and reading the blog ;)