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Friday, July 14, 2017

Controller creation performance optimization v17.2 Preview - YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED!

Starting with version 17.2, we've further optimized the process of creating Controllers that should positively affect forms loading performance and thus overall end user experience, especially in very complex detail forms.  In addition to List Property Editors (learn more about v17.1 improvements in this regard), Detail, Object and Lookup Property Editors, DashboardViewItem and popup windows created in a special way were supported. We are publishing this KB article prior to the 17.2 release to collect early user feedback and improve the overall stability:

If you are an active v17.1 subscriber and want to test this feature with your real world applications on a virtual machine (or another suitable test environment) prior to the official release, please leave a comment to this KB article or rather create a separate private ticket, so that we can verify your account and provide you with a v17.2 preview installation privately.

We would appreciate your thoughts and feedback once you've had the opportunity to try this new feature in your upgraded v17.2 project. Please report any issues and suggestions in our Support Center. Thanks for your help in advance!


  1. It's great that you guys are looking into this. We're still on 16.2 though, and not looking to migrate to 17.x for a few months.

    1. Yes, improving the XAF application's end-user experience via better application performance is our #1 objective (OKR).
      Another two are improving XAF developer experience via better support/learning materials and less coding/maintenance for popular tasks + releasing the Mobile UI, as you might guess.

      Anyway, thanks for your interest and continued support!

    2. While we are at it, where should we be focusing most of our effort or rather, where are you guys experiencing the most issues during development? A long answer or a private email is fine too. Thanks in advance.

    3. Do you want any other ideas for areas to improve performance Dennis ?

    4. Yes, we are happy to listen, Chris (especially if there are reproducible cases with samples and profiling results, because performance problems are difficult to discuss without that information).