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Thursday, July 6, 2017

What's New in XAF Help 17.1.3 and 17.1.4

In this post, I would like to provide an overview of the most important additions to XAF documentation introduced after the 17.1 release.

XAF Mobile

This new lesson of the XAF Mobile tutorial describes how to add the Maps Module for your mobile application using the Application Designer and display business objects on a map.

This topic describes how to show a current position on a map in an XAF Mobile application by accessing the dxMap widget in JavaScript.

Dashboards Module

This topic describes how to invoke a Detail View when a user clicks a row in the GridDashboardItem created using the Dashboards Module. In the invoked Detail View, a user can view or edit a business object corresponding to the clicked row.

This topic describes how to show a custom form as the WinForms Dashboard Designer used to create and modify dashboards in WinForms XAF applications. For instance, it can be required for customizing the menu (adding custom bar items or removing certain default bar items).

Related API:
DashboardDesignerManager Class
DashboardDesignerShownEventArgs Class
CreateCustomFormEventArgs Class

Notifications Module

When you implement notifications in your application, one the same notification is created and displayed to each user by default. In the case that one user modifies this notification, for example using the Snooze or Dismiss Action, this notification is modified for all users. Create various notifications to multiple users as described in this topic to allow users use these Actions without collisions.

This event allows applying custom processing to the notification list received from the Notifications Service.

Security System

The Access Passwords in Code section of this topic now describes new options for those who need to deploy apps to production environments with FIPS policy enforcement (government desktop computers or highly secured web servers).

This topic demonstrates how to map XAF security roles to Active Directory Security Groups.

By default, the "Transferring requests via ICommandChannel is prohibited within the security engine" exception occurs when you call direct SQL queries in Integrated Mode or through the Middle Tier Application Server. This topic describes how to override the restriction.

Application Model

This topic describes how to implement Actions that make changes in the Application Model and then apply these changes to a current View without recreating it.


XAF - Text Notifications | DevExpress

Text notifications allow you to display a message box with a detailed notification text in a platform-independent manner.

Related API:

This topic describes approaches to creating and showing confirmation dialogs.

How to: Show a Custom Windows Form
This topic demonstrates how to initialize and show a custom Form when an XAF action is clicked.

XAF Core

This documentation section now contains separate topics for various modes:

This property disables the instantiation of Controllers that will never be activated in nested List Views, which speeds up applications with numerous Controllers associated with detail collections.


  1. Shouldn't this show up on the Devexpress Blog page?

    1. This blog is currently used for *more frequent* and informal posting of any news related to our frameworks, while our official team blog is typically used for larger announcements like What's New in the next major release or other things like that. Taking into account that this blog is re-translated into our developers groups in social networks and is referenced from the Support Center and, we also do not have any problems with reaching a large part of the XAF community.
      Finally, it is important to remember that there are other DevExpress users who are not using XAF and they may be not very happy seeing a lot of technical XAF-related news in their blogs feed at It is possible that we will redesign this page to have technology/product-specific sections in the future that will allow us to avoid the problem I mentioned and keep everything in a single place.

  2. Thanks Dennis. I'm a prospective user, and really enjoy following your blog. I'm hoping to give XAF a try in the near future, and your entries really help solidify that decision.