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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Save & Close again: To close, or not to close: that is the question - YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED!

Just a quick help request to you, guys...
There was one point regarding the behavior described in my recent post at
Corrected Save & Close Action behavior on the Web in v15.1, which we were not very sure about:

#2. If the DetailView was first opened in the View mode from a root ListView, then switched to the Edit mode by an end-user via the Edit Action, then Save & Close will save the changes and return you back to the View mode instead of closing and showing the source ListView.

We received only a couple of comments on this very point and since this change is not very important to us, we wanted to make sure the new behavior meets the needs of the most users. So, I would kindly ask you take a minute to leave a comment to my blog post on the desired behavior you would like to see in this situation. Thank you in advance!

I personally tend to think that this should be a real "close" result = navigating back to the ListView regardless the DetailView was in the View mode before or not. But you may disagree and consider this as navigating back to the previous view state in the stack...who knows...


  1. Hello,
    I agree with Your P.S.
    I also want this should be a real 'close'.

  2. Hi
    That is good idea return to ListView

  3. I agree with real close.

    A close action that does not close the window makes no sense.

  4. Real Close might be the best way to go as you will actually do what the actions says

  5. From James Makumbi (posted on LinkedIn):

    "Yeah, I was doing a customer demo and having to close then look for list view was tiresome. It needs to close to listview. There is something natural about it that way."

  6. Hi,
    for me, the element opening must be a DetailView element in edit mode, and close to Listview, like as winforms

  7. Real close to the list view is essentially ideal.

  8. Real close to the list view is essentially ideal.

  9. I greatly appreciate your input, guys. We've changed the point #2 as suggested (= real close).

  10. Maybe a real close looks ideal, sometimes it's needed to return to view mode, especially when you edit in web app, when trying to show that record in report.
    It's more useful&faster to make changes and return to view mode and take the report.

    1. Thanks for describing your scenario, Onur. It is possible to accomplish what you want by writing a few code lines as per