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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Improved Error.aspx page that allows you to restart the Web application in case of critical crashes

We have implemented the subject starting with the next maintenance update (14.2.6) and it will be available in new XAF projects created using the Solution WizardIf want the same thing in existing XAF projects, just replace the old Error page files in in <YourSolutionName.Web> project with the new ones copied from our demos or a new XAF solution.

This improvement was done based on the feedback of several customers (learn more...), and I hope your clients will appreciate this as well. That is because such critical errors may occur due to uncaught mistakes in your custom code (yes, it happens sometimes) and users could not easily continue the use of their app, as returning to the previous request page is not possible in such cases. The only possible solution for end-users was reopening the web browser or waiting for the ASP.NET session to expire, which was inconvenient. In the new version, we simply added a new "restart the application" link to the error page that calls the WebApplication.Instance.LogOff() method restarting the app.

If you want to test this right away, you can install this hot fix build:

Ideally, this improvement cures a crash consequence, but not the crash itself. To diagnose such problems early, and thus increase the quality of your apps (and make beloved by your clients), consider using functional tests (XAF helps you here as well).

Since we are talking about the new build, on this occasion I want to remind you about the other new features available in v14.2.6:
    Data-aware Excel export    Simplified integration of custom controls

Looking forward to your feedback!