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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starting with XAF v14.2.6 the data-aware Excel export functionality is available for Grid List Editors by default

If you want to test this right away, you can install this hot fix build:

Technically, our ASPxGridListEditor & GridListEditor classes now implement the IDataAwareExporter interface that helps to deliver the data-aware export functionality added to our controls in v14.2 a few months ago. Note that our Grid List Editors support only the ExportTarget.Csv, ExportTarget.Xls, ExportTarget.Xlsx types by default. The former WISYWIG mode will be used if the ListEditor doesn't support the IDataAwareExportable interface.

If required, the DevExpress.Export.ExportSettings.DefaultExportType static property allows you to choose the target export mode. This property can be set to the ExportType.DataAware or ExportType.WYSIWYG value. Alternatively, you can handle the CustomExport event of the built-in ExportController and customize the ((IDataAwareExportOptions)args.ExportOptions).ExportType property.

Do not hesitate to contact our XtraGrid and ASPxGridView team if you experience any issues with the new export mode. In turn, my team will be more than happy to discuss the XAF integration part.

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