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Friday, April 21, 2017

Documentation updates with regard to ways to resize windows in XAF

We have recently updated our online documentation in this regard, so you may be interested to check it out:
    Task-Based Help > How to: Adjust the Size and Style of Pop-up Dialogs (WinForms)
    Task-Based Help > How to: Adjust the Size and Style of Pop-up Dialogs (ASP.NET)

Attentive readers could notice that the PopupWindowShowAction.CustomizePopupWindowParams event arguments now provide the new Size and Maximized properties that can be used to specify the popup window size from a platform-agnostic module in certain cases (check the end of both articles above for more details on the limitations).

Of course, these code solutions can be further improved based on your business requirements. For instance, if you want to provide a developer or application user with the capability to specify sizes in the Model Editor, you can extend required View node types (e.g., IModelView) with the Width and Height attributes in the Application Model and then modify the aforementioned code to read these attributes respectively. Refer to the eXpressApp Framework > Concepts > Application Model > Extend and Customize the Application Model in Code article for more details.

Please tell me about your experience with these solutions or about anything you would love to improve in this regard. Thanks in advance. Rodríguez