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Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to copy or clone an existing report

Today I've updated a related Support Center article where I listed several possible ways of accomplishing this task. 

I would appreciate it if you describe in comments which approach # you are using yourself or describe your own solution, if it is not listed there. Thanks in advance! Kalina


  1. Hi, we are currently using approach 1 for predefined reports and approach 2.3 for run-time designed reports. Both solutions are fine so far. But for predefined reports we would like to offer our customers a more powerful solution as it is described in ticket T250530.
    Thanks, Matthias (BRZ)

    1. 1.1 for predefined reports I meant.

    2. Thanks for sharing your experience with the XAF community, Matthias. Yes, the multi-layered report layout concept indeed looks interesting (reminds me our Application Model). Have you come with a suitable custom solution since then (probably after contacting our XtraReports team as well)? If so, it would be great if you could share it with others.

    3. Implementing a custom solution for this is still on our roadmap for the next year. - Matthias

    4. OK, thanks. I have again shared this information with our XtraReports team so that they can consider your use-case scenario for the future.