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Monday, April 10, 2017

The latest XAF v16.2.6 hot fix build for missing collections in the filter editor and a few other issues

I wanted to draw your attention to the subject because the official v16.2.6 contained a few trending issues which were not covered by our automated tests till now:

Thankfully, we could provide quick fixes for them and also increased the number of unit and functional tests. Anyway, we apologize for all the inconvenience they might have caused you and your business.

The issues that can attract your attention most of all are:
T500881 - An exception thrown from a popup dialog unexpectedly terminates the whole application execution when debugging in Visual Studio

T498474 - Filter Editor - Collection properties are missing in the property list when DataAccessMode = Server or InstantFeedback after migrating to v16.2.6

Let me know if you experience any difficulties with this hot fix build.

BTW, consider checking the Known Issues section in our What's New documentation if you encounter an issue with our products, because we always inform our customers of such issues + there you can see reports from other clients. I hope you find this information helpful for the future.

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