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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A small usability improvement - Tooltips for editors, column headers, layout groups, etc.

I have added one more feature in 12.2 that should certainly improve usability of your applications:



"Starting with this version, you can specify a new ToolTip property at the Class member, ListView column, DetailView item, navigation & layout group and item levels in the application model. Note that once set for a class member, the tooltip value is automatically calculated for below layers such as ListView column, DetailView item, layout group and item, unless the user has already set a tooltip at these levels.
For more convenience, you can use the new ToolTipAttribute to set tooltip options in the code of your business class.
Take special note that additional tooltip settings such as ToolTipTitle and ToolTipIconType are available for WinForms applications only."


  1. Awesome ! I am so excited to know about all these great web usability tools which all sounds really helpful. Each of these tools is having own set of benefits and this is the reason why people make use of different tools as their need differs. Thanks for posting.