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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Object reference not set to an instance of an object...

We often get reports from our customers where they send us only a screenshot that just contains the subject. Well, we can sometimes call the Force, contact Jon Skeet to debug such screenshots or rather call our local seers to decrypt this message and find the original cause of this error, but unfortunately, it does not work in the majority of cases.

Instead, you, as a developer can simply enable CLR exceptions in your Visual Studio and debug your application to see the full error details (message, callstack, inner exception, etc.). Specially for XAF apps we also generate the eXpressAppFramework.log file, which you can also inspect yourself and see a detailed error report.

Apparently, the information taken from the log file (or got during debugging) is a way more useful for sending to us. Also, often you can just look at the error details and figure out solution problem yourself, especially if there are no DevExpress routines in the call stack.
I hope this information will help you save time on communicating with our Support Team, because sometimes such errors may occur in production...

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