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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Domain Components (DC) + New Security System = LOVE

If you are using DC, you are probably aware of the feature request we have regarding the new security system. We have implemented it in 12.2 and created a new demo for you:

"Starting from version 12.2, we will provide a DC-based demo that works with the new security system. For your convenience, both XPO and DC-based versions will be available as part of our SecurityDemo solution."

Note that as indicated and discussed with our customers in this thread, we did not consider scenarios with assigning permissions to shared parts, but rather to real entities only. This decision was made because it appears to be more logical as end-users can operate with registered entities only, and not with individual domain components that stay behind the scenes. In addition, this significantly decreases the complexity of the entire system and thus makes it more stable.

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