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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet the new DataSourceCriteriaProperty attribute - another addition to the unlimited XAF filtering capabilities

Another example where you asked, and we have listened and implemented.

From Core - Make it possible to specify a dynamic criteria for lookups in code of business objects (similar to DataSourcePropertyAttribute):

"We have implemented a new DataSourceCriteriaPropertyAttribute attribute in 12.2. You can apply it to collection and reference properties (of course, you can also set it for the class member, ListView column or DetailView item in the application model) to filter them, similar to other standard DataSourceProperty and DataSourceCriteria attributes that work in this scenario.
The only difference is that the constructor of this attribute accepts a string name of the property of the CriteriaOperator type. This capability allows you to *dynamically* perform custom filtering of almost any complexity, and that works in the server mode (which is not always possible when DataSourcePropertyAttribute is used)."

You can find more information about the concrete business scenarios where this new attribute can be used in the ticket above. Hope you liked this small addition to the framework.

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