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Thursday, April 18, 2013

EasyTest: Referring to an UI element by its Id rather than by caption when writing a functional test

As you probably know, our functional testing framework - EasyTest, finds or identifies UI elements by their captions by default. This is natural and allows non-developers to easily create functional tests based on what they see on the screen.

However, sometimes there may be several elements with the same caption on the screen or their captions may be too long or inconvenient to use in the script. EasyTest also provides a solution for such scenarios and allows you to use the control's identifier instead of its caption right in the script! Let me demonstrate you how to use this hidden feature.

Step 1. Enable the Dianostic Action in the application configuration file:

Step 2. Navigate to the required UI screen and display the EasyTest Control diagnostic info:

Step 3. Find the required UI element identifier:

Step 4. Use the obtained identifier in the EasyTest script:

The demonstrated functionality is available for WinForms apps only.
Anyway, I hope you will find this small trick helpful!


  1. Hello Dennis Garavsky,

    I have a XAF (Web and window)application. and i want to use easytest in XAF. but only for window application not web application.

    how i can disable Easytest for web application.

    Please give me some input :)

    Thanks in advance

    1. Please refer to the "Remove EasyTest Components from an XAF Application" section under the help article for more details. I hope this helps.